YOU are always Welcome here at the:

Community of Christ Church

Pastor & founder: Dr. Gary Eakins

Dr. Gary Eakins
Dr. Gary Eakins

You are always Welcome

Dr. Gary Eakins and my wife Rochelle would like to extend a heartfelt welcome to everyone who enters the doors of this church. At the average Sunday morning service, there are at least 2,000 in attendance. This number has held steady since we opened the doors on Sunday August 4, 1957.

We are most grateful to our almighty and eternal God for the many members in our congregation who have put their trust in us. We have to date, been able to partner with over 1,000 in their worthwhile business endeavors. Many Hospitals, churches, and schools in Latin America are able to successfully operate due to the $4 million weekly this church pays out. 

Rochelle Eakins

A number of local businesses are rumored to be financially backed by this couple, who are also Board Members of PSL Holdings, LTD., Bogota Colombia, SA. Rochelle Eakins is the founder of the 250 store chain of boutiques that go by her name: “Designs by Rochelle“. They have one store here in town at the Big Mall, which shoppers say, is only for the ultra rich.

Facts are both drive Rolls Royce automobiles, and each have their own jet which are flown from their own airstrip located at their ranch. Rochelle is no ordinary Springfield business woman, she owns the Bonaparte Hills Country Club. Public records at the Greene County courthouse show her as sole owner of this real estate since 1921. Same year she became the legal owner of the 1,200 acres that make up the Happy Trails Quarter Horse Ranch.

At that time, whomever made the purchase, she listed her home address as being Carter Island, Mtn. High, which is about 50 miles east of Springfield. If dates could be verified with real facts, this woman would be over 120 years old.

From pictures taken at the Grand Opening service of their church Sunday August 4, 1957, they both look just the same 64 years later. Dr. Eakins claims to have studied under some great teacher, who has been photographed with members when he has attended services here in Springfield.

Recently, I was asked to interview the young woman on the right. Her name is Annette Smith, she is the store manager of Designs by Rochelle at the Big Mall. The store is extremely large for an exclusive jewelry and women’s clothing boutique. When I was there, they were busy with at least 12 clerks helping customers, plus a custom jewelry design studio. Miss Smith told me they rarely make sales to customers that total less than $50,000 by the time the customer leaves.

How can you find people that can afford to spend that much for clothes or jewelry? Her answer was: “Some of our customers have bought from us in Europe and elsewhere for 100 years or more. I’ve only been with Rochelle for a little less than 200 years. Started when I just turned twenty, my first customer stops by at least once a month. Jodie and her best friend Jessie are both married to Colonel Ted Sanders who is President of PSL Holdings LTD., down in Colombia. They make sure my new car is delivered early compared to other customers.

Annette, store mgr.
Ferrari SF90 Elec

When you leave, if you’ll drive around by the loading docks, there is a carport by our back door. My red 21 1000 hp. Ferrari SF90 Electric is parked there. Each year, the Ferrari dealer down at Mtn. High, has a new red car delivered. She’s had me on her preferred customer list since the early 1970s. Before that I bought Aston Martins.

I suppose you are interested in knowing some history on Rochelle. She was 547 years of age when she married Gary in 1957. Before Gary she was with William L. Johnson for 55 years. Before him, she was with his father for 475 years, they got hooked up when she was seventeen. She became betrothed to Gary when she was 17, but he was under an agreement until 1957.

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